kanja kullabgyden brochure design
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28 Aug FRIAB Kullabygden Brochure

The Kullabygden DBT treatment center is one of FRIABs many treatment homes. At Kullabygden they specialize in helping young people with psychiatric disorders and addiction problems. We created a 12 page brochure based on FRIABs corporate identity that describes what Kullabygden does, it’s location, and the…

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28 Mar FRIAB Kullabygden flyer

The Kullabygden DBT treatment home helps young people aged 16-20 years that suffer from mental health problems or emotional instability, often in combination with drug abuse. Thy help their clients regain emotional stability and meaningful lives. We created a one-page flyer for them that gives…

FRIAB roll up
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25 Feb FRIAB roll up

Our goal for this project was to create a roll up that strongly reflected FRIAB’s CI, that would stand out and clearly communicate FRIAB’s mission, and that would be general enough in it’s design so it could be re-used on many different occasions. We created…